Fire Detection Systems

ARASCO has the right fire detection systems for every kind of manifestation.

All signals converge in the fire alarm control panel, which warns people at risk and the fire department and reliably provides all relevant information to the competent bodies.
In addition, the fire detection technology controls and monitors in many cases all fire protection systems in the object and electrically triggers the extinguishing systems.

1 Analog systems
2 Interactive algorithm-based systems
3 Active air suction very sensitive smoke detection systems
4 Active air suction gas detection systems
5 Required a special beam-type smoke detectors
6 Detectors, flame or sparks
7 Cable type temperature sensing systems
8 Fiber-optic temperature sensing systems
9 Expandable up to 160,000 points addressable control panel network
10 Panel integrated in the control unit and area firefighters phone phones
11 Amps and voice evacuation panel integrated in the control unit
12 User graphical monitoring and control software
13 Four-dimensional detectors
14 Several weather-resistant special detection units
15 Areas at risk of explosion-proof or intrinsically safe devices for specific exe
16 Different sizes according to the requirements and qualifications of the panel
17 Integration interface units
18 Required special gas detectors