FM-200 Gas Extinguishing Systems

 FM-200 is an electrically non-conductive odorless and colorless gas. It is stored liquid and under pressure and dispensed into the protected room as a colorless vapor that is clear. FM-200 leaves not residue and is well suitable for occupied spaces, since it is harmless for persons at design concentration. FM-200 has the ODP value 0, i.e. it does not reduce stratospheric ozone. The short atmospheric durability of FM-200 results from its relatively fast natural degradation.


  • Power Plants
  • Telecomunication Centers,
  • Information Technologies Datacenters
  • Server - System Rooms,
  • Electronic Contorl Rooms
  • Electric (AG-OG) Rooms
  • Museum Archieve and Libraries
  • Petrol ve gas Industriy Factories
  • Army and all Marina
  • Substations, Tranformators
  • Qualified Laboratory and Chemical Tanks
  • Railways, Metro, AirPort projects